Biodiversity Friend
Biodiversity Friend promotes and enhances sustainable agriculture, respectful of biodiversity, of the territory that hosts it and of the communities present in it.

This certifies the company commitment to viticultural practices with a low environment impact to safeguard the biodiversity, the whole of the animal and vegetal species living in a specific area. This sustainable approach is aimed to protect the vineyards and the surrounding environment to further guarantee healthy and high quality grapes.

The insect hotel: There are many precious insects that find a home in these wooden panels enriched with hay, in the shape of a house, built especially for them. All this ensures a long and safe life for the native species that live in the Estate and in the surrounding woods, further enriching the biodiversity of the place.

And among the most important guests of the estate - it is in fact possible to meet squirrels and, with a little luck, some fallow deer - there are bees. Attracted by the sweet scent of black locust flowers, they go back and forth from the hives to the Montello woods, contributing to the natural preservation of the vines and grapes.

A task for a healthy future for our Earth


The introduction of wooded and hedged areas into agricultural environments, greater attention to the quality of air,

water and soil, the recovery of ancient crop varieties and animal breeds of traditional agriculture, will allow a clear improvement

of the characteristics of the agricultural landscape that it will finally be able to return to being an expression of the peasant tradition, of its historical,

economic-social and cultural typicality.