Quality sparkling wine made by the classic method V.S.Q. Brut

Grape Variety

Pinot Nero 75% and Chardonnay 25%; the percentages may vary slightly with the different vintages.

Production area

Areas in the Veneto region dedicated to vine-growing, with marly soils rich in subsoil

Training system

Various radiating systems and espalier with 2100-2600 plants per hectare

Yield per hectare

On average 120 quintals of grapes

Secondary fermentation

After having created the cuvée by blending the two types of wine and having added the yeast cultures selected by Villa Sandi in suitable proportions, the wine is bottled. The bottles are then stored in underground cellars where the temperature and humidity are controlled. Secondary fermentation takes place here and the sparkling wine ages in contact with the lees for at least 7 years. Disgorging is carried out after this period and only after another two months of settling is the sparkling wine ready to be marketed


Whole grapes are put into the pneumatic press for soft pressing and the resulting must, after a first racking, is put into controlled temperature tanks, where alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature of 17-19°C. The wine remains in the tanks to age until the following spring.


An excellent aperitif and outstanding if accompanied by raw shellfish and seafood or marinated fish

Serving temperature


Harvest period

End of August

Alcohol Content

12% vol

Sugar Content

8 g/l


6.5 g/l




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