Nervesa della Battaglia Estate

A naturalistic oasis between Montello hill and the Piave river, the first Estate to obtain the Biodiversity Friend certification

In this place, the emotion of history blends with a modern vision of agriculture and is witness to the company's ongoing commitment to environmental protection and the development of a new ethics of cultivation.


A white road along the river leads to an elsewhere out of time and space.

Bees are so precious, incessant workers and indispensable guardians of nature.
The hives of the Nervesa della Battaglia estate are their home, and thanks to the active role in the well-being of the vines, they improve the quality of the vineyards, grapes and all the surrounding environment.


The Biodiversity Friend certification reminds us of what we can do in terms of safeguarding the territory

Man's intervention is imperceptible in a landscape that takes you back in time to sensations and rhythms dictated by nature. An ideal place to kick off the

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