Villa Sandi for Life
Villa Sandi has always cared for environment and earth health, paying attention to the respect for nature, from the vineyards to the store shelf.

Some of the electricity that Villa Sandi consumes has always been produced by a hydroelectric power plant located inside the company grounds. It is a hydroelectric plant with an asynchronous motor and variable blade pitch mechanism, which operates with water taken from the Brentella canal. This ensures that the power remains the same even when the rate of flow of the water in the canal increases or decreases. The power plant produce 100kWh per day, saturaday and sunday included.

The water in the canal that crosses right through the company grounds is regulated by the Consorzio di Bonifica del Canale Brentella (Land Reclamation Consortium of the Brentella Canal) and is also used to irrigate the surrounding vineyards, cool the outside of tanks and autoclaves and ensure the most favourable level of humidity in the underground cellars where the classic method sparkling wines are left to age.

Another step in the company environment friendly project are the solar panels which have been functioning since 2012 summer.

This certifies the company commitment to viticultural practices with a low environment impact to safeguard the biodiversity, the whole of the animal and vegetal species living in a specific area. This sustainable approach is aimed to protect the vineyards and the surrounding environment to further guarantee healthy and high quality grapes.